Carpet and Seat Replacement

Remove the old seats, assemble the tools: Industrial Vac, Trash Can, Razor Knife,

Scrapper, Assorted Hand Tools. In retrospect, add dust mask.

Precision Proformance Carpet Kit ( $225.00) 1971 has it's own cut and

fits very well, rolled it out in the sun to flatten from shipping.

The New Seats and the Old Seats, the bulkhead piece is just there for effect.

Removed the original 1971 carpet, In the background is the Cobra of my friend Scott Sadin.

Used the old padding, it was still in great shape, found one 1965 quarter!

Buy yourself some gardening knee pads, this is so low it hurts your knees & back.

The car was originally yellow, the old glue looks like rust, but it's not.

Test fitting the new seat shell, more room on each side.

I cut up some large carboard pieces to use as a table to apply the contact cement

(3 quarts) on. After coating both the carpet back and the padding & metal surfaces

let stand for 20-30 minutes and then place it (Do all of this outside, fumes are really strong).

The carpet is jet black, the camera flash seems to make it look gray, the fuse box area is a real pain,

we finally trimmed the new carpet as closely as we could and left some of the original carpet

behind the mechanicals and hoses.

The passenger side completed with the old seat belts reinstalled, I'm

considering installing new black belts.

The bottom of the old Hall Pantera Seats with the tracks removed.

My friend Scott Sadin assembling the seat tracks on the new C4 Seats

This is the C4 Passenger Seat with the seat rails and tracks installed. Not sure if I'll be

using these tracks after all.

The seats are currently just gravity mounted, deciding on  changing the mounting method

before I cut holes in the new carpet.

I think that I will be replacing the 3" 4 point seat belts with black units, the yellow looked good

with black seats, but really competes for attention and loses badly.

Now it's an attention getter, inside and out!

The Mod 70's interior look is a compliment to the car's overall design.

I finally got around to replacing the Seat Belts with a Black G-Force Harness set,

the 5th belt is available for install on track days.

Looks MUCH better in Black!