Installed on May 18, 2008

Holley 750 CFM DP replaced

with Quick Fuel Technologies SS830


I'd been experiencing "street ability" problems that I related directly to carb issues (namely: Cold Starts were lackluster in that I had to constantly feather the throttle to keep it running until it reached operating temperature, upon approaching stop signs I had to slow gradually ( thinking that fuel was flooding the bowls ) and a stumbling idle (not the good kind). None of these problems affected driving under WOT, the car has always performed flawlessly under full throttle.  As it turned out, during the R & R of the Holley Carb with the QFT unit, the real culprit was discovered, a vaccuum line was split and there was a vaccuum leak at the base plate of the carb because of the throttle mounting plate, those were also repaired and since the OFT was there and was made especially for my engine build, it was decided to go ahead with the exchange.

I asked for and received great advice on the forum and evaluated several carb alternatives before deciding upon the QFT solution.  After speaking with the tech reps at QFT on the telephone, a carb was made for me (all their carbs are spec'ed and made to order based upon your engine build).  Sadly, duty called and I had to use it as a desk ornament for two weeks before it was installed, that procedure follows. Enjoy!





This is the rountine BEFORE shot.

This is the sporty box and model number of my QFT carb.

Other specs include:

Primary Main Jet 78

Secondary Jet 86

Idle Air Bleed 70

Hi Speed Bleed 28

Pri Nozzle 33

Sec Nozzle 35

Needle & Seat 120

Power Valve 6.5


Well packed in a  doublue outer box and this protective packaging inside.





This is another BEFORE shot with the air cleaner assembly removed.


This is the Holley 750CFM DP removed and laying on its side.  Note the gasket leak / pooly sealed points shown by discoloration, this was probably also large part of the stumbling problem.




This is the intake with the carb removed, check out those massive runners, each about 2.5" tall and over an 1" wide.




This is the secondary gasket under the throttle mount plate.


Here is the vaccuum leak area, it can be seen clearly.   I probably could have solved 75% of my "street ability" issues by simply R & R the old carb and replacing these gaskets. Oh well, The QFT should make more power and its way cooler looking!!!!


Before I install new parts I always like to do a side by side comparison in a comfortable location (Top View) to see what is different and needs special attention before installation starts.



Bottom view




Note the vaccum port which as you can see was not used and was plugged with a section of line with a plug.






The QFT unit has two ports and these were properly plugged.

Note the Pump design with much more clearance from the base.

The QFT punp is larger and I had to Dremel the corner closest to the base so that the mounting plate would fit properly.

Side view





QFT side view



Choke side View



QFT Choke side view





Throttle cable connection point on the old Holley




The same point on the QFT


I saw these drill bits on American Chopper, they seem to use them for everything, sure made short work out of enlarging the hole.








The throttle stop BEFORE





Note on the Holley the base had a raised mounting area for it.





The QFT does not.



8 SS washers would almost do the trick but the mounting holes were too close together and the washers needed to be adjusted.




Hit the Bench grinder and cut 4 of the washers.

OUCH !!!!

Hot - Hot - Hot!








Now they all fit.






The now mounted throttle stop.





The test fit, all went well, full linkage movement and no cable restrictions, I did have a few AN fittings that needed attention.


I spent over an hour on this ^%$#^ thing, what a POS!

I will be redesigning a new throttle linkage to replace this thing, it wouldn't go together until I finally took it all apart AGAIN and AGAIN and pressed it together using a bench vise.









I finally got to use the dual chrome throttle springs I bought two years ago!

First test drive went well, it needs to be adjusted, idles too fast at 1,500, but road test was amazing and street ability was instantly solved!



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