Power Window Switch Replacement

The problem:

I went over a speed bump in the road

and the driver's window went down by itself.


Worked the switches and determined

they needed to be replaced.

The inside mechanics seemed sloppy &

loose, the electrical contact seemed

hit and miss, intermittent.


Researched Parts

Ordered new Bosch switches for

19.63 each, $46.87 Total w/ UPS shipping

from Autohaus Arizona


Part # 0343302003


Tools that are needed.

Flashlight,  Medium slotted screwdriver

Needlenose pliers, 1/2 - 5-8 " Wide flat file.


Dissconnect the battery.

Loosen the Control Panel by removing the three

chrome thumbscrews and pull it slightly forward.

( This step may not be needed in every case )


Pull the old switches out from the control panel,

this is simply a compression fit, there are no

screws, bolts, or retaining clips. Be careful but firm.


Using a pair of  needlenose pliers and a slotted

screwdriver, careful pry the female portion of the

connector off of each terminal, do your best

to keep them together in each group of four.

Don't sweat the colors, it's very clear.


Take a flat metal file and gently work the

bottom of each square switch hole, you will need to

remove just enough metal to squeeze in the new

switch, depending upon your file, this won't take long.

Probably between 1/32 and 1/16 of an inch of metal

needs to be removed, go slowly and test fit often.


Using the wiring diagram below, reconnect the terminals

to each switch, once completed, reconnect the battery

and test each switch before pushing them into place.


Assuming everything worked as it should,

dissconnect the battery again and push the switches

into the holes and place the panel back and

retighten the three chrome thumb screws.


Reconnect the battery. You're finished!

This whole process should take you no

more than 20-30 minutes.

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