Reporting on a new vendor who refurbishes

gauges/clocks, he lives in Pooler, Georgia,

about 5 miles from my house.


I called and asked to drop by, when

I pulled up in his driveway, he's waxing his 1992 Fiat.

This is Nicolas, you don't have to be a

"Rocket Scientist" to rebuild Gauges and Clocks

...but he is one Monday through Friday.

Day Job. Tomahawk Missiles!

Before you piss him off, first, make sure you

haven't shared your GPS location.

Super nice guy!

Nice Fiat

Check out his newly self done interior,

using Mercedes Benz leather, very nice!

A finished clock
A new arrival

Typical condition when they show up.


Cloudy lens covered in white mold.
Finished Unit from the back for a Ferrari
Same unit from the front
The face

This what the customer actually sent to him!

He made everything else.

Showing off his handi work, this goes into a Dino 206


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