1991 & 1990 Versions
My Mother visiting the shop
1989 Version
1988 Version
My first dedicated tow vehicle, if it looks like an retired ambulance, it was!

This was the last of my C Sports Racers

This one was a former Zink Super Vee with a heavily modified Duckwaddle body.

Ford powered 1.6 liter making 200 hp and weighing 1,050 lbs. w/o driver.

Hewland 5 speed gearbox/transaxle and twin 45 Webers with Electromotive ignition

S.A.R.R.C. Championships in 1989 and 1990

Overall Record 22 - 1st Place, 10 -2nd place, 5 - 3rd place and 4 - DNF's.

( two blown engines, one tire wall and one guardrail )

SCCA Regionals and Nationals