1970 Mustang Mach 1


I bought the Mustang in 1975 while still in High School, it cost $1,350.00 ( payable with $300.00 down and $49.95 a month for 24 months, the banker who lived next door took pity on me I guess, it helped that I mowed his lawn weekly).  I had just turned 16 years old and this car was my world, my imaginary 1970 Trans Am Champion, the legendary 1970 Boss 302...except with a 351 Cleveland, an FMX automatic and painted Medium Lime Metallic instead of Grabber Orange!

We shared many firsts, best not detailed here, but she was a

true friend and would not be forgotten.

While away at college in 1980, a minor fender bender sidelined

the car and although still drivable, there was no spare time/money between school/work to make the needed repairs before school started again in the fall.  I drove the car to virginia where my father lived on a farm and the Mustang was stored away in a barn for the next 28 years!

It's here at this moment where I went horribly wrong and developed passion for British Cars (the movie "Diner" came out and while I couldn't afford a snazzy red TR-3, I was able to buy a sweet red 1973 TR-6 that began a new chapter in my automotive life that can wait for another time.

Today (Oct.  20, 2008) the Mustang story continues, this website will record the restoration process over the next 12-18 months.  I can't wait!


As she appeared in 1975.
As she sat for 28 years, there was a repaint ( by my Dad and me ) in the summer of 1977, a slightly darker and brighter Lime Green which my Dad bought and beggars couldn't be whinny about shades of FREE paint.
At the coin wash to remove 28 years of dust and dirt.
Sentiments written by my friend Scott Sadin

Ready for a blast from the past?

See that nifty console area with the little plate ( hey those were big in 1975 with your name, etc. ) the absolute State of the Art, Digital Clock, the hidden CB radio with the remote microphone plug-in and the 6 push button switches.

1) Electric fuel pump, 2) Brake light Cut off switch, 3) 100w Yellow Fog lights behind the grill, 4) 100W Driving lights in front of the front spoiler and below the bumper, 5) Switch for trunk stored Recoton speakers (that you could take out and place on top of the car) and 6) a set of Italian air horns for a LOUD blast.

I'm now at peace with my inner child of the period, he still lives!

Halfway home on the 1,000 mile roundtrip to pick her up.
Pit stop at home to replace all the dry rotted rubber with new tires to see her through the restoration process, something to roll around on until she's ready for the final selection of a wheel/tire combination.

Delivery to her temporary home ( Mickey Carter Racing ) while

we develop the restoration plan, timeline and budget.

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