Pantera Friends

As often happens with things like cars, furniture, homes, dogs, etc. The people who like them seem to share character traits and have similar personalities. We have found almost universally that we just get along with other Pantera owners from the moment we meet them, so yes Pantera people are special!

Here are a few.


Wayne Stevens visited us in 2007

R.I.P. My Friend.  March 26, 2009.  You will be missed!


Philip Capossela from HHI, SC with 2290 in March 2009,

We captured 2 out of 3 awards presented from over 50 cars present.

Dick Koch in Atlanta with his Twin Turbo and NOS Injected Pantera / March 2009

I had the opportunity to stop by Rob Dumoulin's house near Jacksonville, Florida on the way back from a trip to Orlando. Got to drive his Merlot colored Pantera with matching Merlot upholstery ( dash, console, seats and door panels ), it looks cool inside and he's almost ready to repaint.  Nice car, crisp shifting and a nice ride.  Looking forward to the "2011 Summer Summit" in June.   If you visit, let Rob and his wife take you to "Whiteys Fish Camp".....ummmmmm good!

Jesper Sahlberg, his Girlfriend, Mom and Dad stopped by on Wednesday before heading back to Atlanta.  Jesper has a Blown Red GT5 that I'm dying to see for myself.   My car was at the shop, so we cruised over to let Jesper have a look.
Rob and his wife Kathy visited with us on Nov 4,5,6, to attend the Hilton Head Island Concours event.  Naturally we made some time to play with #1660.  It was a great weekend, as usual, Pantera People are the best!
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