Small radiator leak on the garage floor finally received

some needed attention.    I'm also going to use this

opportunity to detail the space under the hood and

have the hood repainted (surprise coming).


Did not use the new Superior Aluminum Radiator, but did find it a home in OKC via eBay.


While I was in there - I thought why not give the washer bottle a refurb as well.
Removed the washer bottle bracket, sanded, primed and refinished with Black Wrinkle paint.

Figured out that the rust stains under the bottle was most likely causing by spillage, having a metal piece of thin steel rest on wet carpet seemed like a bad idea to me.  So I made a riser and a bottle pad out of  a $2.50 pair of flip flops made of  closed cell foam.

Scrubbed the old Lucas washer fluid bottle as clean as I could get it.
Completed bracket with pads in place.
An $8.00 Boys leather belt makes a perfect strap.
Added a snap to keep it neat and clean looking.
Test fitting the bottle.
Installing the bracket into the trunk
Installed, filled and ready to wash.
The finished Trunk area.  Drill optional.

I have always wanted the pads that were an aftermarket item many years ago, but every time a used set came up on eBay, I'd lose the auction or the price would be so high that I bailed out.  So I decided to have some made in a design I think better suits the car (the others were diamond shaped and were a little too F-Car copycat anyway).  The vertical lines make the short hood seem longer and sort of match the theme of the "speed lines" on the gills behind the side windows.    Can't wait for the hood to be finished and back on the car with the new pads in place.


So the "Magic" Red 3M Tape that costs $8.00 a roll ( 5 Rolls ) is CRAP.

Will not hold the pads ( fabric backing ) under the hood.

I went to a local Auto Upholstery shop and asked for advice and headliner glue.

Works Perfectly!




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